ski jumping Belarus




Riders of the storm

Not typical and not beloved hill for most of natural born ski flyers like team Norge and Team Slovenia.I always remembering Johan Remen Evensen,s definition:”childish jumps”Funny and true definition.But sometimes its vicious battle is seething there.Not this time,and i can,t complain about the emotions and feeling,that i had received from this pageant.Not too much expectations it were.But its often happening,i,m not had guessed the results.Although,after Tom,s victory in quali,i had the right for some really big expectations.Too small hill and bad weather in addition,which has set very difficult task for the jumpers,like it usual,when the other,not sporting forces are interrupting.It surviving in the name of the show.Snowstorm has gathered all the first round and finally has began,right in time,when all my favorite jumpers should have been started their show.The question was in amount of luck,who has it more than other.

And the gate smugglers,we has welcomed Wolfi Loitzl in this club, this time.It was funny to watch,how useless this trick was.Pointner not got the hint,that tonight its no starting bar games, for him and his eagles.The God has decided not to gamble,just to turn on bad weather sat back in the chair with the bottle of beer and had enjoyed this show very much.Some managers were afraid,that here will be the points and compensations,what shall decide the results and no one has the big hopes.No matter all the side stuff,the show was quite good.Kamil Stoch,Peter Prevc and Taku Takeuchi,Sevi Freund,Gregor Schlierenzauer and Andi Bardal,were among the leaders,has major chances to made it to the gold.For some it was lucky moment of time,cos there were no wind and the snow.But for some,it was not their day,like for Andi Jacobsen.Two, hell of unlucky jumps and only 19th after the first round.Jaka Hvala had struggled there too.Not his territory,too small playground.Nori Kasai,the third championships for him,but not the second round,unfortunately.Major disappointment.

Bardal in the lead….how cool it was to witness this…..and to understand that is able to make it gold.Yeah,he had the long road to the top and almost gave it up some time ago,but suddenly,something has told to him that he should go on,nothing is over yet.Here,we should say :”thank you”To Alex Stoeckl and his training methods and amount of the support,that helped Anders to believe.All the rest of this,is his hard work,his determination and in the end his GOLD.Which is never coming too late.All have their chances,you only must to believe,nobody will do it for you.Solid win.With two great jumps,without any mistakes,he did severalĀ  jumps,of that type year before,solid convincing,it has brought him crystal globe and now he is swapping it for golden medal.Once again,in his style.103m,100m,With perfect points.

I saw you dancing

Lets talk about unholy things….Well,when you lacking some spark,you won,t win,no matter of what you will call,to help you.And until it like this,i,m ok with it.No more other stuff,no more tricks!You can be a shaman,or can move the gates,the justice will prevail!Gregor Schlierenzauer had delivered two quality jumps,but he missed something.It was not so convincing and solid,like it often was,during this season for him.Gates,or not gate,he won,t had walked through the golden ones this time.Maybe it also not his hill.Silver medal,he should be glad,i,m sure 98m,98m,Bronze is going to Slovenia,to Peter Prevc and Goran Janus!Stability and quality were the keys for him to succeed.Despite the nasty wind.But also Kamil Stoch is responsible here.He missed his second jump and had opened the road fro slovenian,was really sad moment.A lot of pressure on Kamil and he can,t stood it in the end.

To draw some conclusions.Still it all about the current shape,No matter,what you can say about the hill size.The best are the best,with amount of luck,of course.But they,re all are in great shape currently and the results are not accidental.


01 Bardal, A. No 252.6
02 Schlierenzauer At 248.4
03 Prevc, P. Si 244.3
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